We are in dialogue with a famous China VC fund that has created a $100 million USD equv. Fund of Fund for Western (USA) investment into select VC funds. Expected to launch here in the USA in the next 6-12 months.

This is Hardware oriented Fund of Funds with special interest in VC funds working with early-stage hardware companies who are seeking mass manufacture / prototype / making resources and expect to expand the Chinese market.

In addition to LP investment, this group offers manufacturing resources in the Bay Area for prototype in small quantity production, mass and small production with Foxcon and a best case China sales channel with Jindong, a leading China e-commerce platform (and LP)

Likely LP investment will be in the $5-20 million dollars per VC fund invested in.

Key Fund GPs will be in Silicon Valley for meetings in late September. Call if you would like to meet.

For more information, feel free to call me, or email me, Matt Brandt, at 1 530 521 6188 or Matthew.Brandt@ChinaCAPE.org