This is a cross-section of the typical cateogries of investment we are curretnly seeing for early stage investment into the USA:

□ 新能源 New Energy

□ 金融科技 Financial Technology

□ 移动互联网/信息通信 Mobile Internet, Internet Information and Communication

□ 机械设备制造 Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

□ 生物医药 Bio- Medicine

□ 新材料 New Materials

□ 机器人工业 Robotics Industry

□ 精密医学 Precision Medicine

□ 人工智能 Artificial Intelligence

□ 三维打印 3D printing

□ 纳米技术 Nanotechnology

□ 合成技术 Biosynthesis Technology

□ 先进制造 Advanced Manufacturing

□ 文化,教育,体育娱乐 Cultural and Educational, Entertainment

□ 其他 Others

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